Report by Jacob and Christian

Our PE Teacher Melina had put together a Flash Mob choreographed by herself.  Melina had put so much effort and so had the boys to make this happen.  The dance was pirate themed and the song was a remix of Pirates Of The Caribbean .  We had been practising for a long time since before Christmas! We had got delayed a lot due to the weather conditions.  But finally in March, we had a chance to dance! The 1st row had to wear Green, The 2nd had to wear a white polo shirt, The 3rd row had to wear Orange and finally the 4th Row had to wear the normal school tracksuit. Because Christian and I were in the front row, we wore Green. We had a practise run the week before the actual dance. Every class took part in the dance from Junior Infants to Sixth Class. There was roughly 500 people dancing in the big yard. That’s a lot! Mr O’ Flynn filmed the event from ground level and Mr Donnelly was on the roof of the school filming from a bird’s eye view.  We did the dance three times and Mr O’Flynn edited all the footage into one video, that you can see down below. Anyway we had a great time doing the dance and practising, Thank you Melina and Thank You boys that took part.

Thank You


Congratulations to Melina for organising and preparing every boy in the school to participate in the Flash Mob dance.

Flash Mob St Josephs from St. Joseph's BNS on Vimeo.

Click here to see the presentation on First Aid in St. Joseph’s School organised by the Parent Association


Well done to the boys of 6th class and Mr. O’Flynn who were the overall winners at the Terenure College Drama festival with their production “Thank You, Miss Haggard” written and produced by Mr. O’Flynn. More photos can be seen here and a video of the play can be seen here.




Report from Terenure College Newsletter


Drama2 from St. Joseph's BNS on Vimeo.

Drama 1 from St. Joseph's BNS on Vimeo.

Report by Emilis and Jamie (5th Class)

We had a cookery demonstration from a chef who works at “The Lovely Food Company”. He taught us how to make smoothies and he made us some pancakes (with raspberry jam, white chocolate and marshmallows. He used pure orange juice, yoghurt, berries and honey instead of sugar. For the pancakes, he used eggs, flour, and a tiny bit of sugar. Then he told us about that cola is bad for your teeth, but it is very nice and ok to drink it sometimes, but not always.


P1090610 from Window on Europe on Vimeo.

P1090609 from Window on Europe on Vimeo.