Marine Week and Water Safety

We are celebrating Marine Week from April 19-23.  We are going to cover everything to do with the sea!  Now that we can travel outside our 5 km limit, our boys can’t wait to visit the beaches and waterways around Dublin in the next few weeks. Our Green School team will guide the classes as they learn about types of Jellyfish  and other sea life in Ireland. We will also be looking at solutions to microplastics pollution and at what we can do to be better global citizens.

Our active school team will lead our classes in taking part in the Aquatics strand of the PE Curriculum.  We can’t get back to school swimming lessons yet but we can learn about Water Safety and and we have started the PAWS programme on water safety in all our classes.



Easter Art

Have a look at the fabulous artwork our boys have created. These pieces decorated the gates and front entrance of St Joseph’s Church celebrating Easter 2021.


Student Council News

Our student council met today in a socially distanced way – out in the yard. They discussed what it is like  to be back at school and why we all seem so glad to be back.  They will work with their classes to create an accurate reflection of what school means to us, what elements make us happy and what we can do to make sure  we continue to enjoy our school at its best.


Welcome back Kevin

The infant boys were delighted to welcome back our GAA coach from our local partner football club – Templeogue Synge St. The classes had some great fun in the sun – racing, taking turns and practising ball skills. Thanks Kevin!




Well done to all our boys who finished a 2 Week challenge of getting out there for a walk or a run when at home.

2 Week Walking/Running Active Challenge:

As the great news hit that some of our boys were returning to school in early March and the rest of us would be mid-March, we created an active walking/running challenge for them over two weeks. The Spring weather was in our favour! Our boys love being active, and they love a competition. Our focus over the two weeks, starting on 22nd of February and finishing on the 5th of March, was to get our boys outside walking/running on a daily basis.

Our older boys aimed for 5km a day and our younger boys aimed for 2-3.5km a day. Many children tracked their distance on devices and apps such as Strava. The boys sent in their stats to their teacher at the end of each week.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic boys outside walking and getting their exercise in!!