Learnstorm 2016 has started. Learnstorm is a teaching / learning tool available this year for 9 weeks. Pupils may access it in school or outside of school hours. The aim is to master as many topics as possible, earning points and badges as we go. Hints, supporting videos and step by step solutions are provided for every problem.

The boys display their creative and acrobatic skills by creating human pyramids under the guidance of Melina

Here is a selection of our talented artists from various classes.

Melina led all the boys in a second, bigger and better,  flash mob dance on December 21st

Flashmob from St. Joseph’s BNS on Vimeo.

Click on the image below to read  Santa’s Wake Up Call


Santa’s Wake Up Call  – pdf version (if you don’t have Flash)


Click on image above to read the story or click here

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