Visit to IMMA

Report by Fintan D. (4th Class)

Our class went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) on the 20th of November 2013. We all had a great time looking at very interesting paintings. There was an exhibition of Leonora Carrington’s work. She was an amazing artist and was very influenced by Mythology, including Irish Mythology. She loved animals but she loved horses the most. She used to have a horse called Winky. She hated hunting but her dad loved hunting. She put lots of ghost and witches in her paintings and people running away. She also made up her own creatures.

Every picture was different but they were all as good each other. Leonora also made sculptures and tapestries weavings. Her tapestries and weaving were amazing and big. They were very creative. Her sculptures were amazing to. My favourite sculpture was a huge pig. The pig was made with clay and bronze.

Near the end of the tour we all made masks. I copied one of Leonoras paintings. I think mine came out pretty well.

My favourite painting by Leonora was called ‘The Feast’. It had lots of different colours and loads of animals. In the middle of the picture was a big feast. At the top of the table were two couples who were just married. In my opinion Leonora is one of the best artists in the world. Everyone had an amazing time. It was a great tour.


Machines and Mechanisms

Report by Nicholas and Oscar (4th Class)

Ms Molloy’s boys went to Ballyroan Library on science week! We went to the library first, then we went to Machines and Mechanisms. We went on a Wednesday 13TH November, 2013, on a public bus. We were going to be building machines.

At first we read lots of books. Then we learned about GEARS!! There were two men there. They were really nice. They asked us some questions about cars, vehicles and machines, then showed us what to do. We had loads of fun. We were split into two groups. One group was A, the other B. When we were all finished we put the machines and the cars on the floor. The machines powered up the cars and the cars raced off. It was over after an hour, and we had to break everything up,  then leave. It was sad leaving. At least we got NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!  We even got AWESOME FUZZY WUZZIES!!!!!!!!!!

Making Lava Lamps for Science Week

P1080726aHow to make a homemade lava lamp

Report by Sean L. (Ms Bleahene’s Class)


First you are going to need

  • Alka Seltzer tablets
  • A clear plastic bottle [1litre]
  • 500ml of vegetable oil
  • 500ml of water
  • food colouring

Step two: Pour the water in to the plastic bottle.

Step three:  Pour the vegetable oil in to the the bottle.

Step four: Put two drops of food colouring in to the bottle.

Step five: Put half a Alka selzer tablet in to the bottle.

Step six: Put the top of the lid on the bottle.


Our project with the Italians

skypeItalyThis is an image of the class in Italy taken during the video link.

We did a project in Ms. Bleahene’s class with an Italian school (LASTRA SCUOLA) on the Celts. We told them about the warriors, clothes, houses (crannòg), food, farming, religion and metal work. We talked to them on Skype. We dressed up one of the days for the Skype video call. Some people in our class made a crannòg model. We had two practices with the Italian school. We sent them photos of our crannòg model as we were talking to them. Two boys brought in jewellery to show them. The Italians asked us questions about the Celts. The Skype meeting was recorded in Italy by an Irish company called Agtel.


Report by Abdullah and Leon (Room 12)

Football Final Win

St. Joseph’s BNS vs. St. Pius X

Cumann Na mbunscol under 13 Final

 Sciath Na nGearaltach

5th of November 2013


Match Report by Josephs K. and Jack G. (Room 13)

See  more  photos here

On the 5th of November 2013 St. Joseph’s BNS Terenure played St. Pius X Templeogue in Croke Park.

The team were confident that they would be able to defeat St. Pius if they played to the best of their ability. The teams had played each other earlier in the year in a match that St. Joseph’s narrowly won.

On the day of the match the team was eager to get on to the pitch and full of energy. We all hoped that the numerous training sessions we had attended would pay off. It would not be easy to win this game. The St. Pius’s players were of great quality and skill.

The game started with St. Pius having immediate control of the ball. We were lucky that they did not convert all their chances but they did get an early goal that disheartened the St. Joseph’s players to an extent. However St. Josephs fought back and moved the ball into the forwards leading to five points. St. Joseph’s first goal was the result of excellent teamwork and use of the ball. As a result of the passing captain Matthew Mc Getrick scored an amazing goal that greatly boosted the whole team’s confidence. After the goal the match turned into a well balanced point scoring game. The St. Joseph’s players were especially good at winning the ball from the air. By halftime the match had evened out and it was a very close game. During half time our coaches Mr. Brennan and Mr. Ring told us that we could win if we kept working hard and winning the ball.

When the ball was thrown in for the second half St. Pius again took control but St. Josephs stayed in the game because of excellent defending and tackling. St. Pius scored several points and would have scored goals on numerous occasions would it had not been for the amazing goalkeeping by Alex Dunne. St. Josephs scored a few hard worked points one after the other. Tom Malone scored a decisive goal that gave St. Joseph’s breathing space on the scoreboard. St. Pius continued to launch attacks on the goal but were beaten back by excellent defending.  The last goal came from good movement and eventually Ciarán O’ Riordan scored a goal following a run that destroyed the entire Pius full backline. St. Pius won a few balls from the air near the end of the game but it enough. Finally the referee blew the whistle and we celebrated a well deserved victory.

After the game Matthew lifted the trophy and was met by a chorus of cheers from the St. Joseph’s supporters. It was the end of a great season. Overall it was a well deserved victory.