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Celebrating engineering and science

As part of Engineer’s Week both third classes visited Marsh’s Library and had lots of fun with experiments of all kinds. Other classes completed the Engineers Challenge Pack where they engaged in the Engineer Design Process. They asked questions such as: What is the challenge? What are some solutions, Can we plan and create? and finally What could work better, can we improve? The boys also learned about Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer and Software Engineering.

Trip Report

Thanks to Jerry, Mark, Roger and Dave for helping to make it safe for our return to school on Monday 5th March. After a few hours of digging, and a check on the electric, heating, water supply, drains and potential flood/leak preparations put in place we are quite confident that the school is fit for purpose and ready to open Monday morning at 8.50 am. There will be no access to the yards tomorrow so please follow all prepared walkways and head straight into class upon arrival at the school in the morning.