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The New Draft Admissions Policy as per direction from the Patron (Dublin Diocese) was made available to view a link. The closing date for comments to  was Monday 27th April at 5pm.


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Get out the back door for some exercise if you can, every day.

Here are some of our boys who keep moving and practising their hurling skills every day.



You can be active and creative inside too, give yourself a challenge like below and learn a new skill, or a new tune.

English lesson:  Reading and Writing – all you need is a good book

and a Twinkl book review sheet – it is that easy!

English and Art & Crafts: All you need are some pegs, glue, varnish, patience

and a Twinkl project sheet to record how you did it!

Getting on with the schoolwork and getting top marks –  hard work pays off!

A nice quiet setting for the day’s work with room on the table for all that’s needed.  Super job!

Maths Lessons: Daily mental maths, fun with capacity and water, water, water everywhere!



Fun with Fractions: eating, drinking, cooking, baking, and planting sunflower seeds!

With the news that schools were going to be closed for a further period of time, we were aware that we needed to continue with our support of teaching and learning and also keep the connection between home and school.

Every so often we make contact with our pupils and their families via email with ideas and plans to help our boys learn while at home.

Some of our older pupils are working independently on Google Classroom with their teachers. Our younger classes are working with their families following their teacher communications via email and some of our classes and teachers are experimenting with other platforms for communication.


Here’s some pictures of our school garden preparations where the boys had planted seeds – some were brought home to be looked after during our time of confinement.




Now our potato seeds are planted and our rhubarb seedlings replanted!  Spring watch is on!