Community Schools Night in Faughs

St. Joseph’s boys had an enjoyable time at Faughs’ Community Project Awards on Thursday night.  Local schools entered the ball wall designs competition and the art work was based on the theme of the importance of sport and our local clubs to our community of families during Covid.

The evening was presented by RTE’s Joanne Cantwell and refreshments were provided for all on the night. Each school got 3 awards for their designs and the judges decided on 2 for the actual ball wall.

Well done to our boys for their entries which were colourful, thoughtful and very creative. Congratulations to Cheeverstown and St Pius Schools for securing a double win – their designs will be painted on the wall by local Graffiti Artist Joanne Murphy.

3rd and 4th Class Sports Day

Our 3rd and 4th class pupils had another sunny day for their sports events which took place in the VEC grounds. Thanks to all who brought up equipment and who helped out on the day.  The boys had a wonderful time. Many parents were able to make it but for those who couldn’t here’s a little video of the day. Enjoy!

Infants Sports Day in Bushy Park

Our junior and senior infants had an active fun day yesterday in Bushy Park with their teachers and SNAs.  The sun shone all day!  Activities of all kinds were set up by the teachers and SNAs with great help from the boys in 6th class assigned to each infant class.  Many thanks to all  for organising a great event and making sure the equipment and ice creams were available for every child.   Everyone went home with a big smile on their face and all slept well last night!


One Million Trees Campaign

St. Joseph’s  participated in the One Million Tree Planting Campaign this year and raised €175 to plant additional trees in Africa.

In total  870 of our trees were planted in Africa and that is a fantastic contribution in the global fight to combat climate change.

The tree species and geo-locations of the trees planted this year in our school’s name can be found at the links below.

Tree Species Planted: Calliandra calothyrsus

Click Here

Tree Species Planted: Grevillea robusta & Calliandra calothyrsus

Click Here

The future is very bright with students like ours taking action against climate change, and you should all be very proud of your achievements. Enjoy the upcoming summer holidays,

Celebrating Bloomsday!

What is Bloomsday?

Bloomsday is a celebration that takes place both in Dublin and around the world.

Bloomsday celebrates  the day depicted in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. The day is named after Leopold Bloom, the central character in Ulysses. James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses was published 100 years ago in 1922. It was set in Dublin on 16th June 1904.

With 2022 marking the centenary of James Joyce’s Ulysses, our boys had fun marking the day in their own way!

LEGO Robotics

Ms Molloy’s 5th Class School Tour

Our class went to A.W.S. – Lego Mechanics.    A.W.S is Amazon Web Services. We built a smart LEGO robot called MILO,.  He resembled a Mars Rover. He was made of just LEGO and a motor.  After we built him, we controlled him using code on a tablet.

The instructor gave us various challenges to code with our MILO.

The first of which being to get MILO to balance perfectly on the edge of the table. Overall we lost many, many Milos in both groups. Our second challenge involved a very lengthy, tricky string of code, to make the colour of his light change, make him drive forward and backwards and make him play many different sounds.

Sometimes, when people forgot to finish the code, MILO would walk infinitely and even more MILOs were demolished. We then added a sensor to MILO so that he could sense when there was an object in his way. We then added code for MILO to stop on the edge of the table again but this time by him sensing when he was at the edge. Unfortunately if people did not angle their sensor at the table MILO would continue moving, convinced there was only ground ahead of him until he fell off the table. 

 A.W.S was a very fun, educational experience and our whole class really enjoyed it. It was a great school tour for the end of the school year.