November Active Challenge

In November 2020, the whole school took part in an ‘Active Break’ challenge from November 9th until December 4th. Indoor and outdoor movement breaks were taken for ten minutes each day for the four weeks. These breaks were a great way to restore concentration and focus in the classroom. These movement breaks could include running, dance or exercise breaks. Here is a list of some of the activities that we incorporated  into our movement breaks.

  1. Joe Wicks 5-minute classroom exercise breaks on YouTube.
  2. Go Noodle
  3. Bizzy Breaks
  4. Kidz Bop on YouTube
  5. Cosmic Kids Yoga
  6. Sportscon 10@10 videos from Fingal County Council.

Here are some photos of the boys carrying out the various movement breaks during the month.

While Senior Infants Danced their hearts out!