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by Sean L (5th Class)

I look for forest and see only a few trees,

I barely see an animal. Oh tell me please!

Where is the beauty, where did it go?

I asked many but no one seems to know !


Yet, I know that we are to blame,

We have brought mankind to terrible shame.

We killed living things for our own gain,

We took away their homes and caused them great pain.


It is time for redemption, to set things right,

Enough for ourselves, for them we must fight.

Protect their kind, they help us to live,

We have taken enough, not it is time to give


Bird Feeders

On the 23rd of January, a man named Mouse came into our class to help us make bird feeders. He had brought in specifically cut wood from his home. He had also brought some electric screwdrivers, a hammer, chicken wire, some string and some staples.

We each got an electric screwdriver, and in pairs we started to drill screws into the wood to hold the chicken wire in place. When we finished that we went over to get the hammer to hammer in the staple.

The staple held the piece of string in place. You could then fill the bird feeder with non-salted peanuts and then use the wine cork to put it in the back of the wood where the hole was.

You should hang your bird feeder against a wall so the birds can see all around them.

By Brian 5th Class

Biodiversity Update

In Green News our Biodiversity theme continues through the winter. Our Green Flag application must be submitted by March 21st, 2014. Recently boys from several classes completed our autumn biodiversity audit.  They acted as nature detectives for a day and even though our garden is close to a busy, polluted road many different species of bugs, plants, flowers and trees were on view. Some boys used magnifying glasses and were lucky enough to find ants and even a centipede.

In January we will do a similar winter audit followed by a spring audit in February – March. It’s important that the boys keep up this detective work during the Christmas holidays. So boys … get out to your gardens and parks (regardless of weather conditions) and write down the names of all birds and trees you notice as well as any unusual visitors. Don’t forget to reuse/recycle your Christmas waste and remember to put out some food for birds in your garden. Like us, they also need a Christmas feast!!!

Wishing you all a Happy & a Green Christmas from Joey’s Green Team


Benjamin Britten Cantata of Saint Nicolas

Report by Sean T. (5th Class)

On Friday the 13th  of December, some of the boys from 4th, 5th and 6th class, directed by Ms. Bleahene,  will participate in the singing of the Cantata of St. Nicolas by Benjamin Britten. We will be joined by many other choirs from Terenure parish. The event will take place in St. Joseph’s church at 8pm. We have enjoyed the build up to this event and we have been practising since September. We look forward to a wonderful evening and hope the concert will be a great success.


Rice Krispie Buns

Report by Luke and Sam (5th Class)

First we were sorted into groups of four. Then we discussed who would bring in the ingredients. The ingredients were 500 grams of Rice Krispies, two or three large plain bars of chocolate, two bowls one that would fit into the other, paper bun cases and toppings, for example, smarties, jellies and marshmallows. So the next day we brought in the ingredients and then we melted the chocolate. After that we stirred the mixture for a while. Then we poured the mixture into the paper bun cases. Then soon after we left them beside the window to cool down. When they were ready we ate them after big break. It was very enjoyable and we can’t wait for our next cookery session.

Visit to IMMA

Report by Fintan D. (4th Class)

Our class went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) on the 20th of November 2013. We all had a great time looking at very interesting paintings. There was an exhibition of Leonora Carrington’s work. She was an amazing artist and was very influenced by Mythology, including Irish Mythology. She loved animals but she loved horses the most. She used to have a horse called Winky. She hated hunting but her dad loved hunting. She put lots of ghost and witches in her paintings and people running away. She also made up her own creatures.

Every picture was different but they were all as good each other. Leonora also made sculptures and tapestries weavings. Her tapestries and weaving were amazing and big. They were very creative. Her sculptures were amazing to. My favourite sculpture was a huge pig. The pig was made with clay and bronze.

Near the end of the tour we all made masks. I copied one of Leonoras paintings. I think mine came out pretty well.

My favourite painting by Leonora was called ‘The Feast’. It had lots of different colours and loads of animals. In the middle of the picture was a big feast. At the top of the table were two couples who were just married. In my opinion Leonora is one of the best artists in the world. Everyone had an amazing time. It was a great tour.


Machines and Mechanisms

Report by Nicholas and Oscar (4th Class)

Ms Molloy’s boys went to Ballyroan Library on science week! We went to the library first, then we went to Machines and Mechanisms. We went on a Wednesday 13TH November, 2013, on a public bus. We were going to be building machines.

At first we read lots of books. Then we learned about GEARS!! There were two men there. They were really nice. They asked us some questions about cars, vehicles and machines, then showed us what to do. We had loads of fun. We were split into two groups. One group was A, the other B. When we were all finished we put the machines and the cars on the floor. The machines powered up the cars and the cars raced off. It was over after an hour, and we had to break everything up,  then leave. It was sad leaving. At least we got NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!  We even got AWESOME FUZZY WUZZIES!!!!!!!!!!