Event Calendar for St. Joseph’s BNS

School opens on Thursday 30th August
October: Closed Mon. Oct 1st Teacher In-service day for new Primary Language Curriculum
Halloween: Closed Mon 29th Oct to Fri 2nd Nov incl.
Christmas: Closed Mon 24th Dec to Fri 4th January 2019 incl.
Feb.: Closed Thurs 21st and Fri 22nd Feb. 2019
March: Confirmation Thurs. 7th March
March: Closed Mon 18th March
Easter: Closed Mon 15th April to Fri 26th April
May: Closed Mon 6th May
May: First Holy Communion Sun. May 19th
June: Closed Mon 3rd June to Fri 7th June incl.
June: School sports evening Weds. Jun 12th
Summer Holidays – Closing on Friday 28th June
August: School reopens Thurs. Aug. 29th

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