Last chance to visit the art exhibition in the parish hall today.


See some of the terrific art created by the boys this year in our art exhibition. This exhibition was organised by Ms Durkan and St. Joseph’s PA in association with all the teachers in the school. Well done to all concerned for this wonderful exhibition.

Winners of the Judges Choice Award  at the Bord Gáis Student Theatre Award

Performed by the present 6th Class

Written and Directed by Mr. O’Flynn


Mr. O´Flynn´s class movie 2015 Part One from St. Joseph’s BNS on Vimeo.

Part 2

Mr. O´Flynn´s class movie 2015 Part Two from St. Joseph’s BNS on Vimeo.


Part 3


Mr. O´Flynn´s class movie 2015 Part Three from St. Joseph's BNS on Vimeo.


The boys is St. Joseph’s displayed their many talents to the visiting students from Barcelona.

Mr O’Flynn’s Class of 2015 – 2016 are nominees for the Student Theatre Awards by Bord Gais Energy


The 2016 Terenure Spring Drama competition contained four schools in the final , one of which was the boys  of Room 10 ,St Josephs . Their play was called “ Bus Stopping “, a comedy drama about four very different ladies waiting patiently and impatiently for a bus to come . The result is some unforeseen consequences . The boys gave a sensational performance on the night and ended the play with a song and dance number that brought the house down . The didn’t win unfortunately but as they were the first fourth class ever to reach the final it gave testament to their level of acting abilities. A few weeks later on from the tension of the final , the boys performed the play in the hall of Presentation Girls School for the parents of St Josephs . What made this event so special was that all donations given on the night went to the worthy cause of Aoife Beary , the girl injured in the balcony accident in Berkely California . Over one thousand euros was raised and the night was a resounding success . Everyone a winner . Many  thanks to all who gave their support on the night and to Ms Hume for the use of their super hall and school . Next year’s drama is almost ready to go to press. Watch this space !

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