This week we welcome 15 boys and girls from Escola Sant Ignasi in Barcelona. They will join some classes, play some sport, learn about Ireland and make new friends in St. Joseph´s. We started on Monday with a quiz which gave our boys a chance to introduce themselves to our guests.  Later in the week, we had a “Festival of Talent”, Hurling Coaching, Board Games and Presentations about life in Barcelona and an amazing theatrical performance by M&M Productions from Scotland.

Some of the boys in Ms Bleahene’s class and Ms Harte’s class introduced the pupils and teachers from Sant Ignasi to Scratch programming. The Spanish students had visited Google yesterday so they are now preparing their job applications

All the boys and girls from the participating countries collaborated to give their thoughts on the Comenius project, now that it has come to an end. Here are some of their thoughts.


What We Think of Comenius from Window on Europe on Vimeo.


Teachers and pupils from Poland joined us today. After arriving in Dublin Airport late on Monday night they boys, girls and teachers were in St. Joseph’s bright and early in the morning ready for a long day of intense questions in our Monster Table Quiz. After 10 rounds of questions we had very close scoring at the top of the table. The first 3 places were presented with their prizes and some refreshments for all to close the day. Ms. Bleahene was chief organiser of the quiz. Questions were created by Mr. Ring and the question master for the day was Mr. O’Riain.

It was a getting to know you day in Dublin as we welcomed Barcelona and Italy to St. Joseph’s school. The boys entertained our visitors with some music, song and poetry and we followed it with games to help all the boys and girls mingle and mix. Ms. O’Riordan organised the concert and the indoor games. Ms Harte introduced the boys and girls to a series of active games.

As we start into our second year of the Comenius Project, A Window on Europe – Learning to Learn, the partner schools from Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Poland met in Stavanger, Norway to plan the activities for the next year.

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This is going to be a very exciting year for St. Joseph’s as are hosting the closing ceremony in May. Teachers from all the countries involved in the project will be attending as well as some pupils. Other activities planned for the year include sharing Christmas carols, comparing cultures and festivals, environmental awareness, creating and sharing a virtual tourist for each country, comparing local heroes past and present and creating a final newsletter. Each country will also have a separate blog in which they will share their school activities with the other partners.

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