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Entrepreneurial Leadership Excellence Award

Congratulations to the boys from Ms Molloy’s fifth class for receiving an award from Sam’s Business Bus – Driving Expectations.

The boys learned about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. They learned how to write both a mission statement and a vision statement for a business, how to set out a business model, look at a budget and how to set goals using the SMART acronym: (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timed).

Well done to the boys and we look forward to reading about all your entrepreneurial ideas in the Business Post in the years to come.


Gardening News

What a busy term we had in the garden! We harvested our rhubarb and from ‘Farm to fork’ the boys in 3rd and 4th class used their cooperative skills and  Maths’ skills to cook rhubarb crumble.

6th class did a great job cutting back old growth to make way for the  new.

Spring is well and truly here! Third classes were busy planting potatoes and tomatoes. Mr Kelly’s 1st class got help from Mr O’Doherty’s 6th class  to plant their lettuce seeds.

Hoping for a bumper harvest later as courgettes and chard seeds were also  planted in 4th class.

Infants planted onions and sunflower seeds and enjoyed getting handling the soil and getting grounded.  All calming rewarding activities.  We hope you all try these at home too.

Enjoy this little video of our endeavours!

Talking to Children about War.

With news of the war in Ukraine dominating the headlines, many children will have been exposed to information about the conflict. Children do not always talk about what is worrying them but they may be trying to make sense of the information by themselves and in the absence of factual information, imagining situations to be far worse than they are. Every child is different and while some may be feeling scared others may not be worried at all.

Below are some strategies that we use at school and you may use at home for talking to children about the current situation that will help to ease their concerns:

Our boys have been having discussions in class about war at their appropriate age level and especially in relation to the children who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine. 5th class have worked on a project that depicts a poem written by their class teacher, Mr O’Flynn. The boys put together the back drop images and Cian and Reuben recite it below:

World Book Day – 03/03/2022

World Book Day began with our older boys starting to do ‘Paired Reading’ again with our younger boys now that restrictions have been lifted. There was excitement in the air as boys travelled to classrooms they had never been to before. Paired reading will continue once a week for the rest of the school year. We have found that this has given our boys a love of reading and sharing stories. Our older boys read with their younger peers and discuss the book cover design, the illustrations, the author and they ask predictive questions. This activity gives the boys a purpose for reading and the boys both young and old, enjoy it immensely.

4th class wrote a great rap to celebrate the day below:

Our boys made book marks to celebrate the day, and we had Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) time in most classes. Some even got to read out in the garden as the sun shone – what a pleasurable experience!

Our infants had book club and book swop, and an interactive puppet show was provided by one of our very talented infants to his class.

Nick Sharrat visited via zoom and talked about his illustrations in so many books. Many classes dressed up as their favourite character from a book and that fun endeavour continued to the end of the week.

The boys completed a target breaking amount of AR quizzes on line and could be found in every nook and cranny of the school with head down in deep thought in a laptop.

All in all a great day in St Joseph’s BNS.

Cover me in sunshine!

What a delightful performance by our senior infant boys. In music lesson today, they were able to memorise the words and learn how to sing Pink’s song ‘Cover me in Sunshine’. The boys sang so beautifully and with such emotion. They are a very talented group and we look forward to their next performance. Great voices, great timing and great actions – we loved it!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Our school was feeling the LOVE today – lots of quizzes and word searches on the history of St Valentine and flowers of all descriptions were carried into and out of school today. Beautiful cards and crafty bundles of love wrapped up with glue, paper, wool and clay were carried home carefully to loved ones. The boys in 3rd class gave a secret Valentine card to a class mate with a well chosen compliment for the receiver. A day of enhanced wellbeing for all.