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LEGO Robotics

Ms Molloy’s 5th Class School Tour

Our class went to A.W.S. – Lego Mechanics.    A.W.S is Amazon Web Services. We built a smart LEGO robot called MILO,.  He resembled a Mars Rover. He was made of just LEGO and a motor.  After we built him, we controlled him using code on a tablet.

The instructor gave us various challenges to code with our MILO.

The first of which being to get MILO to balance perfectly on the edge of the table. Overall we lost many, many Milos in both groups. Our second challenge involved a very lengthy, tricky string of code, to make the colour of his light change, make him drive forward and backwards and make him play many different sounds.

Sometimes, when people forgot to finish the code, MILO would walk infinitely and even more MILOs were demolished. We then added a sensor to MILO so that he could sense when there was an object in his way. We then added code for MILO to stop on the edge of the table again but this time by him sensing when he was at the edge. Unfortunately if people did not angle their sensor at the table MILO would continue moving, convinced there was only ground ahead of him until he fell off the table. 

 A.W.S was a very fun, educational experience and our whole class really enjoyed it. It was a great school tour for the end of the school year.


Mr Brennan’s Class and their (Virtual) visit to Microsoft Dreamspace

At the start I was excited to go to Microsoft Dreamspace but because of Covid we unfortunately were not able to go. Instead we had to do a zoom. I thought it wasn’t going to be good but it turned out to be really fun. DreamSpace was a really cool coding experience and I learned a lot about coding  and I recommend it to anyone who is into coding. At the beginning of the Zoom they showed us the massive building and the Dreamspace room was based on Minecraft. It was awesome. I would love to work there some day when I get a job. They showed us a really cool digital waterfall with LED lights. It was incredible. There were loads of shops and cafés and the food was super cheap. We got to make our very own video game on their cool website. The people that showed us around, answered all of our questions and were super nice. The video games turned out really well and I made an awesome video game out of code while learning at the same time.


By Charlie & Sam  (Mr Brennan’s 6th class)


Saint Valentine’s Day

Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?

Well rumour has it – teachers do!

Just look at the fabulous digital artwork by our infants above. Below see the beautiful roses and chocolate brownies made by our 5th class boys for their loved ones!

Thank you boys for all the lovely cards, kind words and pictures – we send you all our sweetest, happiest wishes.

Dance Party Projects for Hour of Code

Our students have been getting creative with Coding!

Pupils from 3rd to 5th class have been doing Dance Party Projects on the platform. In this Course the boys learn to create dancers and programme their dance moves,  their size and colour, while changing the backgrounds and the choreography to match the music.

We think you’ll agree that they are impressive, We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did making them!

All of the Dance Choreography Projects can be seen here (click on a link to your class) 

Ms Rooney

Ms Tynan

Ms Byrne

Ms Molloy

Ms Maher

Some of our Dances!

  Firework by Alex (Ms Rooney’s Class)



If I Can’s have you by Hugh

(Ms Byrne’s Class)


     Take on Me by Bobby D (Ms Molloy’s Class)



Student Council Report – December 2020

At the student council meetings this year we have looked at many subjects such as Covid, coping with Covid, Internet safety and cyberbullying. We made posters on what things we like to do to distract us from Covid. We included things like playing sports, going out in the fresh air and playing on our Xbox. We sent our suggestions and photos of our projects to Dr. Tony Holohan who was very impressed with what he saw. On cyberbullying,  we went over the basics such as Stop Block and Tell, what platforms it is found on and we made posters on Internet safety. We hope everyone has a safe and peaceful Christmas.

Donnchadh and Ross  (Mr. Brennans 6th class)




Coding in St Joseph’s BNS

Hour of Code takes place on the 7th  to the 13th of December, but the boys of St Joseph’s can’t wait until then!  Ms. Harte’s Senior infants are having great fun with our new BeeBots, while across the school are using programming using Boys from Senior Infants to 6th class can access their class page through the Pupils’ Webpage here

Watch this space for some Dance Party projects!