We welcome our guests from Sant Ignasi school in Barcelona this week. This has become an annual event and we are delighted to participate in this cultural exchange. 

We started with a monster table quiz. This gave our boys a chance to introduce themselves to our guests. 


Getting to know each other by playing some board games

Lá le Pádraig from St. Joseph’s BNS on Vimeo.



Ag Comhaireamh from St. Joseph’s BNS on Vimeo.

p1140256This is our school council for the school year 2016 /17. Each of the members were elected by their class to represent them. Mr. Reale and Ms Mulhall co-ordinate the meetings .


Welcome to our new Junior Infant classes. All the boys have settled in well to their classes and we hope that they will enjoy the next eight years in St. Joseph’s 

jun_inf_2016_1Bean Uí Loingsigh’s Junior Infants jun_inf_2016_3Ms. Murphy’s Junior Infants

Smiles and tears as we end a week of activities and fun with the pupils from Sant Ignasi Sarria, Barcelona



kahnCongratulations to Luke and Dillon in 4th Class and Alex in 5th class on being invited to the LearnStorm Ireland Provincial Celebration for Leinster on Saturday 30th April at Dublin City University. This was as a result of their great work on Khan Academy Maths over the past 9 weeks.

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