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March 2020

On the 12th March we were informed by the DES that all schools were to close from 6pm that evening until March 29th. We made plans with our pupils that day and we all packed up our bags with enough books and resources to keep us learning until we came back to school in 2 weeks’ time. School journals went home full of lesson instructions, daily Maths and English exercises were encouraged, Google classroom came to the fore with our older classes, independent learning became our buzz word, emails were sent to encourage distance learning but all the while, consideration was given to the fact that we were dealing with an unknown – a pandemic that could change our lives and how we live forever. We aimed to keep our pupils calm, happy, and busy and we wanted to stay connected to them. We also understood that everybody’s experience at this time was different and that some would face very challenging times.


Here’s a St Patrick’s day exercise completed at home as Gaeilge, during this time and a recipe for a lovely St Patrick’s Day Milkshake.

Blue Friday in St. Joseph’s

Today we celebrated tomorrow’s All Ireland final replay by having a county colours day with the proceeds going to the Peter McVerry trust. Several different county jerseys were to be seen but blue, of course, was the predominant colour. However quite a few green and gold Kerry jerseys and even a Kerry Teddy Bear sneaked in to the delight of our deputy principal Bean Ui Loinsigh.

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to School everyone! We hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break and is energised and ready for a new school year of learning and fun. We extend a special welcome to our Junior Infants and to new pupils in other classes. Our new Junior Infants are settling in well to life with their teachers, Bean Uí Loingsigh, Ms. Mulhall and Ms. Larmer. These are very special days for them and their parents. From Mon. Sep. 16th they will finish school at 1.30pm.

You can consult our calendar for the school year(and add it to your Google Calendar) by clicking here.


School Garden

The work that Rang a 3 (Ms Maher’s  and Ms Rooney’s) have done in the garden this year is beginning to bear fruit.

The early potatoes (in bags) are almost ready for harvest. The tomato plants have grown very tall and needed staking. They are gradually finding new homes ….. hopefully in the ground or very large pots, where they will thrive and produce many juicy red fruits. The beginnings of tiny courgettes have been seen, as the boys weed the vegetable bed… we anticipate cooking them in September. Rhubarb is picked periodically to allow new growth. It will be in the freezer for us to enjoy at a later date. Spicy mizuna leaves insist on re-appearing to enhance our lunchtime sandwiches and salads.
Our sensory garden is looking quite lush: We can touch, smell, see and taste mint, thyme, sage, lavender, chives, dogwood, fuschia and a recently re-discovered apple blossomClick here for more photos.