kahnCongratulations to Luke and Dillon in 4th Class and Alex in 5th class on being invited to the LearnStorm Ireland Provincial Celebration for Leinster on Saturday 30th April at Dublin City University. This was as a result of their great work on Khan Academy Maths over the past 9 weeks.

Flexibility and Agility on show during Active Wise Walk in VEC grounds

Great fun was had by all !!!

 Book Fair from Monday in St. Joseph’s


Ms. Bleahene’s and Ms. Harte’s Classes are national leaders in the Target Board Challenge for World Maths Week. http://www.mathsweek.ie/2015/schools/mathsweek.target.competitions/leader-board



Welcome to all the boys on their first days in school. They all seem very mature and ready for ‘big school’

IMG_2405 IMG_2399

We hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays.

Reminder that St. Joseph’s BNS reopens on Tuesday Sept. 1st at 8:50am.

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