Bird Nesting Season

This is the start of the birdnesting season and there are plenty of websites where we can see what our feathered friends are up to.
Here are some and we will be adding more so watch this space.
Lots of cameras here from all around the world.
12 different nest cams in Holland. Also here
White Stork are very popular in Europe. Watch one nest here. Another also in Germany.

Osprey nest in Scotland.
Falcons, Storks and Vultures in Spain
Hummingbird nest in California, USA
Wildlife in woods of Estonia
Brown Bears fishing for salmon-live from Alaska
Check out our Dodder wildlife gallery here.

Terenure College Run

Our thanks to Terenure College for a great event last Friday. It was a chilly morning and conditions were testing after all the recent rainfall. The 94 boys from Joeys ran their socks off and we had three 2nd place finishers in Seán, Ben and Gareth. Well done everyone! Click here for photos. Video.

Cross Country

Yesterday in the beautiful Santry Demense park we had our first run of the year. 45 boys from 4th, 5th and 6th classes represented St. Joseph’s and all ran very well especially the boys from Mr. O’Flynn’s class. The 5th class boys won the bronze medals for 3rd in the team event with Ben finishing 5th and Cillian, Eoghan and Sean all finishing in the top 25 against around 200 boys form 20 other schools, some from as far away as Armagh and Belfast. There will be several more of these cross country runs during the school year and every boy from 3rd to 6th will get an opportunity to run so get out running and get fit! Photos here.

Hurricane Watch

The North Atlantic hurricane season runs from mid August to mid October. Most of these hurricanes move west towards the Carribean and Florida like Hurricane Dorian which recently devastated one of the Bahamas. Some then turn eastwards towards Europe bringing us a wet and windy day as these storms lose some of their power because the seas around Ireland are too cold. However Hurricane Ophelia came directly up over Ireland in 2017 causing some damage and closing all schools for two days! Now Hurricane Lorenzo is also coming close to Ireland. Watch its progress here through one of the much talked about computer models. You can zoom in on Ireland on the live windspeed map here. Find out more here about why as the earth’s climate warms, hurricanes may become a more familiar sight in Europe in the coming years.