Extinct- the history of Life on Earth

We all know about the dinosaurs going extinct 65m years ago but did you know that there have been several mass extinctions throughout the history of life on Earth, mostly caused by global warming or cooling. One of the strangest animals ever to live on earth was the Hallucigenia. Read about it here. Professor Ben Garrod has written a great series of books for 10-12 year olds on this topic. More extinct animals.

Bird Nesting Live Cameras

Storks in Germany
Storks in Holland
Coaltits in Holland
Ospreys(fish eagles) in Wales with two small chicks(May 25th)
Peregrine falcons in Yorkshire

Ospreys(fish eagles) in Leicestershire

Beautiful bluetit nest in England
Kestrels and Owls in Yorkshire
Curlew nest in England
Bluetits in Germany
Roseate terns, seabirds that nest on sand
Read all about robins and their nests on the Rathfarnham Castle website.