Bird nesting season 2012

Follow RTE radio’s Mooney show robin nest live camera

The bluetits have been in and out of our nestbox all month but so far there’s no sign of them building a nest in it.

Plenty of visits to the nest this week. This bluetit did a spot of tidying up. Looks like we have a pair as they have also been spotted in the garden perching on the bushes.

With the days getting longer and some mild sunny days it is noticable that the birds are getting very active looking for nesting sites and singing loudly to defend their territories. Last year after three or four unsuccessful years a bluetit family finally moved in to our class nestbox and a clutch of eight chicks were raised flying the nest on May 24th after hatching three weeks earlier. So mid February is early is the season but the birds are checking out the area for nest sites and the fact that our box proved a good site last year makes it likely that it will be used again this year. After putting up the nestbox last week today we got it connected to the whiteboard and just before hometime Friday (during our Maths tables test!!) a visitor, probably a female, popped in. There was another blutit at the nestbox entrance. This may have been the male but they seemed to be hostile towards each other so maybe they were squabbling over the nest.

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