527 years after being killed in the Battle of Bosworth Field, (the decisive battle in the Wars of the Roses), King Richard III’s skeleton has been discovered under a carpark in Leicester. This story reminds us of the brutal, dark middle ages when Richard is said to have ordered the murder of his two young nephews (the princes in the tower) to become king. Two years later, the princes’ mother was among those who plotted to overthrow him by inviting Henry Tudor back from France and when their two armies met in battle Richard was killed and Henry became King Henry VII. This changed the course of British (and Irish) history because the Tudors time in power included his son Henry VIII and his granddaughter Queen Elizabeth I who both had long and bloody reigns. Richard´s father also called Richard is remembered in the mnemonic to help you remember the colours of the rainbow. “Richard of York gave battle in vain.”

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Owl turns its head 300+ degrees!!!

The Men who built New York

This is a famous photograph taken around 300m above the streets of New York city in 1932. Building workers from all over the world, including two from County Galway were snapped on their lunch break while working on the Rockefeller Centre with Central Park in the background. The photo was staged for publicity. More photos and video.

Ice building on fire in Chicago
 How a woodpecker continuously pecks a tree trunk without damaging it’s brain has inspired a new cycling helmet.