Credit Union Quiz-2013 All Ireland Champions

Grade 8 Maths

Credit Union Quiz victory More here
1986: 44 year old Alex Ferguson becomes manager of Manchester Utd.
Mt. Etna webcam
Bluetit nest in Kilmacud
Birdnests in Holland
Very rare black storks in Estonia
Black stork nest clips
Osprey nest in Scotland
The Clue Crew!!

Timelapse video from La Palma, Canary Islands.
Around the Solar System

Track the ISS(International Space Station) Live video stream
ISS Capt. Chris Hadfield whose photos like this one of clouds over the Sahara have fascinated the world. Photo Gallery here. Youtube documentary on Chris
Photos of Ireland here. More photos. He has also entertained us with his singing(YT).
14.05.2013 Chris has now returned to earth at the end of his five month mission.Here he speaks about returning to earth and his body readjusting to life at 1G(gravity).


Final of Corn Marino 2011 (YT)

Escaping the death train to Auschwitz

In Norway they’re building a ship tunnel. 
Bird Species in danger of extinction

Cold air persists over Ireland, snow in Wicklow, Down and Antrim mountains today, April 3rd.

Scientists reckon that there are around 5m species of insect in the world but they have only discovered 1m so far. See here