Summer Stories

Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) seen here at school over 60 years ago (middle of the backrow wearing the tie).

School year 2013-14 important dates
School opens on Monday 2nd September
Halloween: Closed Mon 28th October to Fri 1st Nov incl.
Christmas: Closed Mon 23rd Dec to Fri 3rd January incl.
Feb. Closed Thurs 20th and Fri 21st Feb.
March: Closed Mon 17th and Tues 18th March.
Easter: Closed Mon 14th April to Fri 25th April
June: Closed Mon 2nd & Tues 3rd June
Summer Holidays – Closing Friday 27th June

Growing up hunting animals with eagles in Mongolia
Baby turtles hatch out

This is the boulder that normally clobbers Wile E Coyote

All those photos from the ISS

The Phoenix Park is 350 years old

Rocketing away from Planet Earth

30 degree summer weather

Next two weeks weather: we need the reds and oranges to move up and stay over Ireland to have another heatwave

What happens if you don´t brush your teeth.
Joe Brolly calls out foul play

What your holiday airline pilot won´t tell you

Aeroplane scrapyards