Best wishes to 6th class

As our 6th class boys leave in the next few days to move on to secondary school they can look back on a happy eight years in St. Joseph’s. Here we see three of our winning 2015 U14 relay team at Santry three years ago.


Brain Teaser – One-Letter Words

Each of these clues can be answered with a single letter (A word that sounds like a letter). Can you “C” the way to get all 14 answers? A different letter must be used for each answer.
1. a vegetable 8. building addition
2. a drink 9. a bird
3. a body of water 10. a woman’s name
4. a command to a horse 11. a verb used with “we”
5. a sensory organ 12. an actor’s signal
6. be in debt 13. an insect
7. a river in Scotland 14. a puzzle solver

Santry 2015

Sprints Video clips
Photo Gallery
Our Under 12 relay team made the Santry podium for the third consecutive year and we were joined by St. John Bosco, Navan Rd and St. Joseph´s, Clondalkin in each of those years. Some of the faces have changed and the photos are very interesting.
How to tie your running shoe laces!!
St. Joseph’s past pupil Shola Edodo added his name to an elite group of athletes when he won the Irish schools 200m recently. Video here. Fellow past pupils Matthew McGetrick and Richard Keogh finished 6th and 5th but reaching these finals which means you are in the top few athletes of your age in the whole island is a fantastic achievement. Here you can see Shola running in our school sports in 2011.