Summer Stories

World athletics championship100m final video.
Jamaican sprinter runs in wrong lane. -You might see this type of thing in the school sports or even in Santry! The Science of Sprinting.

Hard luck to our three past pupils involved with the Dublin minor hurling team, Darragh Butler, Ciarán Brady and Jack McVeigh as Tipperary edged them out in the All Ireland semi-final.

Which orange circle is the larger? Click for answer and explanation.

Some newly discovered photos of Dublin ruins after the 1916 rising.
Some great aerial photography
23 words everyone spells wrong.
Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone – Australia
How would we get on without the sun? Not very well.
Jamaica´s Yohan Blake has clocked 10.12 seconds in the fastest ever run 100m in Ireland. He is running in the same lane of the Santry track as St. Joseph´s Joe Donoghue in the 80m final last month.
Flying two aeroplanes in one door and out the other!!
Gigapixel Panorama-London Grand Canyon
Test your colour vision.
Cut down on sugar-too much is bad for you
How mosquitos find their victims
When your mum and dad were at school Pluto was a planet but now it isn´t. Why?

How to stop autoplaying ads, videos and media in Chrome
Disabling autoplay videos and media in Chrome is simple. First of all you need to copy and past this- chrome://chrome/settings/content into the URL bar. Then all you need to do is scroll down to the plug-in section, and select ‘Let me choose when to run plugin content’.