Blue Friday

For the third time in a four year period we hosted Sam Maguire at the school today. Our thanks to Denis, Alan and Dave for organising this so quickly after the final. Click below for photo gallery.



Pumpkin Power

This summer growth was poor with too many cloudy, cool, rainy days and not enough sunshine. Sweetcorn rotted and plants were generally a bit weak. However, last week we harvested some peas, potatoes and a nice pumpkin from the school garden. You can see from the photos how the pumpkin planted in April and moved into the garden in mid May grew very quickly.

School Football Teams

Our school football season is getting into full gear. We have two Junior (U11) teams and two Senior teams so everybody will get plenty of games over the next fweeks as the season continues until Halloween. Training is in Bushy Pk on Mondays. We also have a league for 3rd and 4th class boys every Thursday in the VEC grounds.

Cyclists Beware!!

Anybody cycling to school or work should be aware of the dangers posed by lorries and trucks. Because the driver is high up he cannot see you if you cycle up between the lorry and the footpath when the lorry is stopped at traffic lights or travelling slowly. Remember if you cannot see the driver he can’t see you. You also need to be aware that the rear wheels of a lorry don’t always follow the front wheels but may cut the corner as in the picture below.

All-Ireland final

St. Joseph´s past pupil Denis Bastick did his bit at midfield as Dublin won the semi-final which means we have the exciting buildup to the final for the next few weeks. Here we see Denis shaking hands with Mayo’s Keith Higgins after the match.