Winter Solstice & Christmas Traditions

Strong Atlantic Storms
This year the winter solstice (shortest day of the year) is Dec. 22nd. From now on the days get longer although it will still be just as dark in the mornings well into January as the evenings start getting longer first. As you know near the North Pole there is total darkness at this time of the year for several weeks while the opposite happens in mid-Summer. In Ireland the situation is not that extreme, but in the space of four months we go from around less than 8 hours of daylight in early January to almost 16 hours four months later, in early May. Click on the diagram for more information.

History of St. Joseph’s

Over the next year, as we celebrate our 150th year, we will be looking back at the history of the school. This photo shows the school as it would have been for several decades prior to the two-storey blocks being built in the early 1970s. Click on the photo for more history of the school and of Terenure.