Summer News

We are delighted to have been nominated for the #BeActive Education Award by the Irish Sports Council. This is a European award to coincide with the European Week of Sport and National Fitness Day at the end of September. Click on the photo below to see some of the best photos from our Active Weeks and other activities over the last few years.

30 day timelapse on a cargo ship in the Indian Ocean and a journey through the Suez Canal.
Some football tricks to try during the summer. 60 min work-out for parents! More tips here for fitness/diet and the importance of good sleep.

A Canadian teacher banned bottle flips and then spent the whole year making this video to show his class at the end of the school year.

The type of questions you might be asked in an interview to get into Oxford University.
The BBC Planet Earth people have posted hours of amazing footage and sounds of nature on youtube.

Well done to Cillian and Dara who were competing in Athletics National finals today. Wearing a lime green top, Cillian´s races can be seen at -3.37.00 and -1.56.00 on this video. If you have ambitions to be a hurdler look at these drills-some you can do at home with a high stool, chair or coffee table in place of a hurdle.Running Barefoot- is it safe?