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Ireland at night


The most distant image of Earth, taken from 6 bn km by Voyager 1 which was launched in 1977 and now has travelled out of the solar system.

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Dublin Bay
Above: What a marvellous view of Dublin Bay taken from a plane heading out to London. In the foreground is Howth Head and then Bull Island. You can see the mouths of the Rivers Tolka and Liffey as the bay sweeps away towards Bray and the Dublin mountains. Can you spot the twin chimneys of Poolbeg power station?
Below: From Google Maps, the Sth Dublin/Kildare area. You can see the Liffey running left to right at the top of the picture, the Grand Canal is more of a straight line as is the Cork-Dublin railway which is just north of the canal but less clear. The M7 to Limerick runs alongside the Baldonnel aerodrome and there are many towns and villages near it. Finally the River Dodder meanders through the south city and enters the Liffey near the Aviva stadium.
Dublin area
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