Green School Committee

Green School Code

Litter and Recycling

Energy Conservation

  • Light/Projector monitors in each classroom
  • Light monitors for corridors at breaktimes
  • Heating:only one radiator turned on in each classroom except in particularly cold weather

    Travel to/from School

  • Bicycle park
  • Safe cycling courses
  • High visibility jackets
  • Walk on Weds inter-class contests
  • Water Conservation
  • Monitors in each classroom to ensure no running taps
  • Prompt attention to leaks and dripping taps
  • Instalment of dual flush toilets in all classrooms2011

Find out about the world’s dwindling freshwater resources

Biodiversity Projects

  • study of trees on the school grounds: oak, bay, sycamore
  • mini beast/butterfly hunts in school garden
  • Vegetable planting, care of and harvesting on raised beds constructed by 4th class 2012
  • Fourth Class Gardening Project Jan.-Sep.2012

    Ms Maher´s class (with some help from Mr. Ring´s) started the gardening project back in January with the construction of two raised beds. After lots of hard work in the springtime, some new potatoes were harvested and eaten before the holidays. We were worried about who would water the plants during July and August but we were delighted when we came back to school at the end of August to discover that the plentiful summer rainfall had produced a bumper crop of vegetables (carrots, lettuce and peas).  Click here for the photo gallery

  • Bushy Park/River Dodder/Airfield field trips
  • Birds: bird feeders, nest boxes (some with cameras for display on classroom whiteboards, birdlife survey
  • Art projects based on summer/autumn/winter trees
  • Wild flower garden area in summer
  • Bushy Park native tree trail Dublin City Council
  • Aromatic plants, herbs and seasonal planting in window boxes and containers 4th- 6th classes
  • Spring Bulb planting in Sep. 2009-11 by 4th class
  • Ceramics project based on mini beasts with visiting artist May 2012
  • Jim McMonagle Dublin Zoo biennial visits
  • School habitat map to be drawn up
  • Mouse’s visits 5th class
    Lichens & mosses survey
    Something Fishy Project