This week’s homework

The boys will have homework each night from Monday to Thursday. The aim of this homework is to reinforce concepts and revise work covered in class and to develop a routine/habit which will stand them in good stead for the future. On a special occasion or as a reward for excellent behaviour and work, they may be given a night completely free from homework. The homework in 4th class will mostly consist of the following;

English may include;
  • Spellings (Spellbound)
  • Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary Extension (“Blue Skies”, “A Way With Words”, etc…)
  • Reading (Reader, Class Novels, Library Book, etc…)
  • Poetry / Prayers / Songs /Hymns (the children may be asked to learn verses.
  • Completion of English essays.
Gaeilge may include;
  • Spellings/Vocab (Ceartlitriú)
  • Written Exercisec (Bualadh Bos/Ceartlitriú)
  • Learning Oral Questions/Answers
  • Prayers / Songs to be learned
Maths may include:
  • Tables (should be revised every night; Speed Tests and quick-fire questions)
  • Mental Maths fill in answers
  • Completion or Continuation of Classwork (Mathemagic/worksheets)
Other Written Work:
  • Handwriting Practice (Write Here)
  • Completion of History/Geography/Science questions, etc…
  • Research work for a Project
Please Note:
 Establishing a routine for doing homework in a place free from distractions is important. After four or five hours in the classroom it may be best to leave homework to later in the evening rather than doing it straight after school.
 Parents should check and sign written homework tasks.
 Non written tasks such as tables, spellings, reading and study are just as important as the written ones and should each get at least a few minutes’ attention.
 All homework given is prepared and discussed in class but parents should help or supervise it. Work that has been finished in class but included in the homework list must be brought home to be checked.
 Homework journals and copies are checked by me on a regular basis.
 If a student doesn’t have homework done from the previous night, he will be asked to complete it at playtime instead of going out to the playground, or the following night.
On most Fridays, the children will have tests in English spelling,  Gaeilge vocabulary and tables/mental Maths. Study/Learning homework for these tests should be treated with same level of importance as written homework.
No homework is given on Fridays (contingent on good behaviour and good work). The pupils are however encouraged to read over the weekend period, and they may occasionally have revision work for tests or project work to complete.
 If your son cannot complete his homework due to family engagements / illness etc, please write a brief note in his homework journal, and he should catch up on that work the following night.
 The homework each night should take on average 45mins to 1hr. If your son is spending more time than this, please ask him to stop after 60 minutes of uninterrupted work and write a note in his journal to let me know. If this is regularly the case, I can assign less homework or differentiate to reduce the pressure on him.
 If homework is finished before the allotted time, your son should do some extra reading from his library book, or revise any study / “learning” homework. Again, letting me know this will allow me to assign more homework on a differentiated basis.
 If your child is experiencing difficulties, let me know via the journal and just concentrate on the important areas – Reading, Spelling and Tables.
Above all, I want every child in my class to be happy, and to enjoy coming to school. If there is anything bothering your son at school, please encourage him to talk to me, and I will try my utmost to rectify the situation. Please let me know if there is anything that may adversely affect your son’s work in class or his general happiness, or if your child has a medical condition that I need to be aware of.
If you have any serious concerns during the year, you can make an appointment to see me by ringing the school secretary, Josephine. I can also be contacted by e-mail- mrring@stjosephsterenure.ie.