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“If only yesterday was tomorrow then today would be Saturday.” What day is it?
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Degrees in a Triangle
30 second challenge

Can you make a Limerick (5 line poem with a rhyming pattern AABBA) using the Maths in the above picture?
How often do the hands of an analogue clock overlap ie at 12.00, then just after 1.05, etc.?

8fb796c8dcf8289b21ada203fb0a7dbdb088fcbfABOVE-Find the value of Angle x if O is the centre of the circle
ACERTIJO-DE-LAS-FLORESABOVE-Answer is not below 100

PUZZLES:-1. If two trains, both the same length and going in opposite directions, both travelling at 90kmph, take 6 seconds to pass each other, how long is each train in metres?
2. What’s the next number in the sequence 1, 4, 27, 256, ….
3. How many degrees does the hour hand (small hand) of the clock move in one minute?
4. You have a drawer full of socks, each one of which is black, white, or blue. You start taking socks out without looking at them. How many socks do you need to take out of the drawer to be sure you have taken out at least two socks that are the same color?
5. Can you show a quick way to add all the numbers from 1 to 100 (you will end up multiplying)?
6. There are 128 tennis players in the first round of Wimbledon every year. How many matches must be played in the whole tournament (You must show the quick way to work this out)?
7. In a sequence of numbers, each term after the first three terms is the sum of the previous three terms. The first three terms are -3, 0, 2. Which is the first term to exceed 100?
8. Problem to solve with simultaneous equations: There are pigs and turkeys on a farm. There are 58 heads and 168 legs. How many pigs are there and how many turkeys are there?
9. What’s the next number in the sequence 2, 3, 5, 9, 17, 33, ….


Use this balance to solve equations.
Factorising in Algebra
More help to solve equations.
How to simplify in Algebra
Algebra worksheets
Solve for a, b and c which are all positive whole numbers.
Solving quadratic equations by factoring
When is xy=x+y?
GCSE algebra problem
Canadian Maths test
Below: Trick in this question-the answer is not 16.
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Percentage Game- estimate and find a percentage on the numberline

Time zones-
Numberwork, Geometry and Algebra
Maths Under Pressure:Click here & play hard
Print graph paper here
1 sq cm paper(Excel 97-03)
1 sq cm check measurements
1 sq cm paper(Excel online)
Do you know your tables?
Simultaneous equations
Easy Equations
More Difficult Equations
Very Difficult Equations

6th class Maths videos
Grade 8 Maths
More tables!!
SATs Maths
Using a protractor. More Here and here (click on measure)
Maths Puzzle
More difficult Puzzles!!

Maths Quiz Class Page
Tables Game
Times Table 7 Game
Times Table 8 Game
Times Table 9 Game
Maths Games
How many squares?

Probability: Do you want to win a car or a goat

Maths Games and Brain Training
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Maths and Brain Games

Download Countdown Numbers Game

Mental Maths tricks

BBC New ways to do long multiplication and long division



How to draw a regular hexagon (or decagon) using a ruler and a compass

Try it out in your copybook or maybe start by drawing a perfect square using this fantastic geometry drawing website. Here’s another drawing program. You can install this app from the Google Chrome store.


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yellow area
Untitled circ2

Pythagaros’ Theorem

In a right-angled triangle, the square on the hypotanuse (the long side) is equal in area to the sum of the squares on the other two sides (of the triangle).

Pythagaros’ Theorem Exercises or Click here
Find N (use Pythagaros)

Explanation without words. Use the slider.
…..and with biscuits!!

Below-Extension Maths for 5th & 6th
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Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
Logic Puzzles-Venn Diagrams
Graphs & Co-ordinate Geometry Plot a line-equations
Pattern & Sequences
Algebra 1
Factors, Prime Numbers & Square Roots Interactive Practice
Pythagaros Interactive Practice Problems More
Data, Pie charts Line Graphs
Shapes, Nets & Area
Algebra-Brackets & Factors
Algebra-Linear Equations 1 Linear Equations 2