History of the Rathfarnham area.
Terenure Crossroads 1900s-1940s (trams stopped running in 1949 as buses had taken over)
100 year old Ordanance Survey Map click here

….. in the 1970s(below)

…..and in 2012(below)

Below- Sunday World offices (now Lidl)

Above-Henry Street, Dublin with The Spire and Nelson’s Pillar in the background.
Below-Rathgar in earlier times. The first photo is dated 1918 with a tram but no cars, whereas the bottom photo is taken in perhaps the 1940s with several cars and the No. 15 tram.

Dublin in 1846
Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire
History of Big Ben
Escaping the death train to Auschwitz
Did you know that Terenure was bombed by the Luftwaffe(German Airforce) during WWII?
Some great photos of 19th century London
There was once a passage tomb, like Newgrange, in the Dublin mountains where the Hellfire club ruins now stand.
IFI archives- Irish news clips from 100 years ago
RTE archives
Pathe News- British & World news clips
History of Irish and British railways
The Battle of Gettysburg and The Gettysburg Address. The Bixby Letter.
History Primary Sources
Jan 1963-The Long Winter!!
History of the Colloseum
Oct. 1962:World on the brink of WW3 History Channel Part 1Part 2
1812: Napoleon’s invasion of Russia
Not so famous events in world history
The Jewish boy who lived on Hitler´s street in Munich
Interesting comparison of 1682 map of London with Google Maps
1939: 20 000 American Nazis hold a rally in NYC

The Men who built New York
This is a famous photograph taken around 300m above the streets of New York city in 1932. Building workers from all over the world, including two from County Galway were snapped on their lunch break while working on the Rockefeller Centre with Central Park in the background. The photo was staged for publicity. More photos and video.

Great video of Dublin in the 1960s

Below- a very old map of Dublin, possibly one of the first ever made and some other old maps.

Dublin Airport in the 1950s and in 2015. If you zoom in on the new photo you can still see the original white building just above and to the right of centre(on the way to the Ryanair gates). This photo was taken on Christmas Day 2015 when there were no flights so all the planes are on the ground.


Channel 4 Second World War

Has World War II carrier pigeon message been cracked?

Driving through Dublin in 1982

Dublin Bus in 1966

St. Joseph’s and Terenure in Bing Maps and in the 1980s…

…and in earlier times


Local history website made by St. Joseph´s boys in 2002
Gallery of old photos of Terenure
Terenure Crossroads 1900s-1940s (trams stopped running in 1949 as buses had taken over)

…..and in 2012(below)

Simple English Wikipedia (Titanic)

Here’s an interesting photo taken in 1865 of an eviction. The walls of the tenant’s cottage are being destroyed by the landlord’s agents to prevent reoccupation. This is less than 20 years after the famine. This was quite a common occurance in Ireland at that time. The Great Famine, as it sometimes called, took place in 1845-48. Up to a million Irish peasants or tenant farmers perished from hunger and disease with another million more emigrated to Canada, USA, Australia over the next 50 years. BBC Irish Famine Page

Grafton Street back in the day and nowadays
(Top photo is from around 1900 and the middle one is from 1956)

The South Pole- 14th Dec. 1911

Above we see Robert Falcon Scott and his men at the South Pole in 1911. Read the whole story by clicking here.

O’Connell St., Dublin in the 1960s as seen from Nelson’s Pillar

A Good collection of photos from 1960s Ireland
National Library collection of old photos
Harold´s Cross in the 1960s
Comparison Photos Dublin 100 years ago and more recently
Kildare St. Dorset St. (near Croke Pk) Four Courts Grafton St. Parnell Sq (visit of King of England 1911) Corrib Rd. Sth. Quays Tallaght Village Henry St.

Wood Quay, Dublin(where the Dublin Civic offices are now.

More then and now photos from all over Ireland


Periods of Irish History

Period Date range
Mesolithic 8000 – 3900 BC
Early Mesolithic 8000 – 5500 BC
Late Mesolithic 5500 – 3900 BC
Neolithic 3900 – 2500 BC
Early Neolithic 3900 – 3600 BC
Middle Neolithic 3600 – 2900 BC
Late Neolithic 2900 – 2450 BC
Chalcolithic 2450 – 2200 BC
Bronze Age 2200 – 700 BC
Early Bronze Age 2200 – 1600 BC
Middle Bronze Age 1600 – 1100 BC
Late Bronze Age 1100 – 700 BC
Iron Age 700 BC – AD 400
Early Iron Age 700 – 400 BC
Developed Iron Age 400 BC – AD 0
Late Iron Age AD 0 – 400
Early medieval AD 400 – 1169
Late medieval AD 1169 – 1534
Post-medieval AD 1534 – 1700
Early modern AD 1700 – 1900
Modern AD 1900 to present