Tymon cross country March 2017 video & photos.
With cross-country and track & field events upcoming so we all need to get some training in. When you´re not out getting fit, take time to check out our athletics coaching videos. Try these speed and agility drills. Here you can see Jack and Daragh showing how to change baton at top speed.
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Well done to Gareth, Dara and Cillian who were all among the medallists at the Dublin Indoors Championships recently. Photo here.
St Enda´s cross countryphotos and video.

Quiz time

Well done to our four teams who competed in the Rathfarnham Credit Union quiz in Knocklyon. They really enjoyed themselves and clocked up good scores in a difficult quiz but the competition was very intense. Congratulations to quiz winners Knocklyon and St. Pius. Here are the 72 questions.

Quick quiz(10 questions) Credit Union Quiz Practice
Previous All Ireland winners(look at 2013)

Christmas Carols on the winter solstice

This year the winter solstice (shortest day of the year) is Dec. 21st. From now on the days get longer although it will still be just as dark in the mornings well into January as the evenings start getting longer first. As you know near the North Pole there is total darkness at this time of the year for several weeks while the opposite happens in mid-Summer. In Ireland the situation is not that extreme, but in the space of four months we go from around than 8 hours of daylight in early January to over 15 hours just four months later, in early May. Click on the diagram for more information.

BELOW-Joey’s past pupil Dylan running in the All Ireland indoor finals.