Back in 2011 – 12  Ms Maher’s and Mr Ring’s 4th Classes started a vegetable-gardening project. It was a long, educational, very enjoyable process, as you will see by reading below:

Step 1: December 2011
We measured the size of the bed and staked out to show where we would dig.
Each bed measures 3 feet by 5 feet (the garden centre still uses old measurements)
We turned the sods so that we would have nice soil under the compost.
Digging was fun … we got good and mucky!

tuning the sods











In January we measured and assembled the raised beds.


heavy work!

unpacking the wooden panels







ease her in gently now!







Noel Dempsey (Father of Cormac, in 6th)  kindly sourced the soil and compost and filled them for us in February.

Planting began with the spuds in March.

April: Carrot, broccoli and pea seeds went down before the Easter Holidays.

It was time to bank up the spuds and transplant  the seedlings in May. The peas needed a bit of support! Wigwams were the answer.

Lettuce seeds went down to go with the spicy leaves we have been nibbling.

June: no famine here – a great harvest of spuds went down a treat when fried up with butter ( onions and bacon optional… mmmm..)

September 2012: And finally – a delayed harvest of carrots and lettuce, but no less delicious. A few of the teachers had been nibbling on the lettuce and peas over the summer… it was that or the slugs, and we refused to let them win!!

In Sept. 2012 Our first gardening project reached a successful conclusion with some healthy carrot soup being cooked and enjoyed!! Click here for the photo gallery of the whole project from start to finish.























The 2012 -2013 and 2013 – 2014 school years saw Ms Maher’s  and Ms. Molloy’s 4th classes team up to weed, fertilase plant grow and finally harvest even more garden crops. We tried cabbage, with great results and a giant stir-fry feast was had in the following autumn. Followed by cheesy colcannon at halloween with the kale.

dinner at last – Cabbage stir fry April ’15

digging the cabbage April '15

cabbages 1

stir frying our own cabbage april '15





















o Many thanks to Mark Caslin, John’s green-fingered dad, for kickstarting that and the wondrous corn  which greeted us in september! He could probably hear the slurpng of buttery 5th class fingers from his home.  More details and a link on Mr. Ring’s blog.


In 2014 – 2015 the garden responsibliity was taken over by third class and some of Mr. Ring’s loyal pupils. What fun we had setting up the lovely sensory garden. Cutting back Buddlia, Ivy and Pyracantha and painting tyres was heavy work so was mainly done by helpful adults.  However, rolling and  filling the tyres, dancing on branches for use as a base for the raised plots, planting, smelling and touching the rich plants was child’s-play. Finally, chilling out and investigating in the peaceful plot (although it only fits 3 or 4 comfortably) was enjoyed by children from infants upward from early summer.

rolling out the tyres. Ms Gorman's class April '15









Some edibles were sent home and we had reports of successful courgettes. ONE fabulous pumpkin made it to Halloween amidst the flowers in the centre of the lawn.

rhubarb harvest 1st rhubarb in april Pumkin Harvest Oct 2015 IMAG0535


See photos and a diary via Mr.Ring’s Blog.