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Month Event Organized by*
Sept Parents Social Evening – Sept 29th 2nd Class parents & PA
Oct Christmas Cards 4th Class parents
Nov Voluntary Contributions Parent Association
Dec Cake Sale 3rd Class & Junior Infants parents
Feb Blazer Rental Scheme (Confirmation) 6th Class parents
Mar School Enrichment Programme 5th & 6th Class parents
Apr Blazer Rental Scheme (Communion) 2nd Class parents
May Communion Party

Art Expo & New Parents Evening

1st Class parents

Senior Infants parents & Denis O’Reilly

Jun Cake Sale

Graduation Mass & refreshments

6th Class -Sweater/Plaques

6th Class

5th Class

5th Class (boys)

Also throughout 2016-17, the parent association will be involved in assisting with various events planned to celebrate the schools 150th anniversary.

* Please note that events are driven by Parent Association class representatives, with support from other parents in the class. Any level of assistance is always appreciated – please reach out to your class representative to see how you can help