Cricket Blitz 2013

Today we had a cricket blitz for all classes from 4th to 6th in CYM in Terenure. It was an ideal day for cricket with the sun shining and the grounds looking splendid. The blitz was organised by Tim from CYM. Tim visits the school each week and coaches the boys in cricket. All the boys were presented with medals after the event. Thank you to all involved in the organisation of this event.

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As part of our Comenius project the we have created some digital books with famous Irish Legends. The art work, recording and production were created by pupils from many classes in the school.


The Children of Lir


The Salmon of Knowledge

Art Competition

We had a wonderful display of art from all classes in the Parish Hall. This was organised in co-operation with St. Joseph’s Parent Association. As a follow up to this exhibition the following pieces were selected for special merit by a panel of parents.

Many thanks again to the Parent Association and the parents that provided the mounting and the presentation boards for the exhibition.

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