Quiz Team Wins

Well done to our junior quiz team who qualified for the All Ireland final of the Credit Union quiz with a good victory in Sandymount on Saturday. They scored 51 out of 60 in a difficult quiz and will compete with the best fifty teams from all over Ireland in the RDS in April.

qz mar 2014

Get Wise about Portion Size

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A group of parents in Terenure have launched a ‘healthy eating’ initiative to address the increasing trend towards childhood obesity. The goal of this “Get wise about portion size campaign is to promote healthier eating for our children by educating them on portion sizes and wise food choices. Parents, schools, local shops and businesses, resident groups, sports clubs and health representatives have all being asked to give their support, to target the widest possible audience

Portion Wise week is from March 3rd to 7th

Portion Wise Website: http://www.portionwise.net



by Sean L (5th Class)

I look for forest and see only a few trees,

I barely see an animal. Oh tell me please!

Where is the beauty, where did it go?

I asked many but no one seems to know !


Yet, I know that we are to blame,

We have brought mankind to terrible shame.

We killed living things for our own gain,

We took away their homes and caused them great pain.


It is time for redemption, to set things right,

Enough for ourselves, for them we must fight.

Protect their kind, they help us to live,

We have taken enough, not it is time to give


Bird Feeders

On the 23rd of January, a man named Mouse came into our class to help us make bird feeders. He had brought in specifically cut wood from his home. He had also brought some electric screwdrivers, a hammer, chicken wire, some string and some staples.

We each got an electric screwdriver, and in pairs we started to drill screws into the wood to hold the chicken wire in place. When we finished that we went over to get the hammer to hammer in the staple.

The staple held the piece of string in place. You could then fill the bird feeder with non-salted peanuts and then use the wine cork to put it in the back of the wood where the hole was.

You should hang your bird feeder against a wall so the birds can see all around them.

By Brian 5th Class