Engineers’ Week

Callum, George, John and Conor from Ms.Molloy’s class took part in the All Ireland mini-scientist finals at Maynooth University last weekwith their project on the hygiene of the school towels. They were awarded Certificates of Merit. Meanwhile, the whole class had great fun building domes from just A4 sheets of paper and sellotape at Ballyroan library as part of Engineers week.


Córfhéile 2019

Ms.O’Riordan, Ms. Maher, Ms. Tynan and Ms. Rooney were delighted with the beautiful performances of their classes at Córfhéile in the National Basketball Arena last night. Our special thanks to Ms. Maher who is one of the main organisers of the event which goes on all week with hundreds of schools involved.


Well done to our athletes from 5th and 6th class who were the overall winners of the boys cup at the National Indoor Arena in Abbotstown yesterday. We wish to thank Melina who paid us a flying visit from Munich to give some last minute coaching in Abbotstown and to get some of our classes moving at school today. There are a few more cross country events in the next few weeks so hopefully everybody is getting up to peak fitness!