Book Fair 2022

After almost 4 years wait, the book fair came back to St. Joseph’s.  Our school hall was turned into a reading zone, welcoming all of our boys from infants to 6th class.

Each class was assigned two time slots to peruse the books, discover new authors and perhaps to read books they wouldn’t necessarily have even thought of opening before.  It was a time to share stories with friends, to relax together and to enjoy the warm atmosphere that settled over the hall for the week.

It was wonderful to welcome parents from infants to 2nd class into the school and to hear the buzz around the school as the boys gave their parents a ‘sneek peek’ into their classrooms.

It was with a tinge of sadness that we closed up the book trolleys and rolled them out of the school this week, however, we know that the culture of reading is embedded in the school and that thanks to the support of all the parents, our classroom libraries will be re-stocked with new titles very soon.