Bord Gáis Award 2017 – Report

Bord Gàis Student Theatre Awards 2017

By Dylan G. G. and Leo G.

Recently, our class entered for the Bord Gàis Student Theatre Awards for the best short script and critique for a live performance. We were not selected for the best short script, but one of our classmates, Elliot Tuite was selected for the final three for the critique. It was our only hope. We anticipated the day, Wednesday, the 17th of May, 2017.

The day finally came; it was time for the winner to be announced. We left for the theatre at about 9:45. An hour-long bus journey later, we finally arrived. The build-up was intense. We did not expect the award for the critique to come so early on; it was the first one given! Nothing could have prepared us for the surprise. After the nominees were announced, it was time to announce the winner. Nervousness yet also excitement flowed through the theatre. The winner was… Elliot! The cheering was overwhelming. We were all filled with disbelief and happiness. The moment was perfect. Elliot was escorted like a champion down to where he accepted his award. After the next award (for the short script), we were met with an unexpected number from the musical Annie Junior. (More on that later) From then on, awards were given in groups of three with another musical number in between; including but not limited to Seussical the musical which was performed by St. Pius BNS, and Oliver performed by St. Mochta’s NS. The final three awards were the big ones, best play, best musical and the judges’ choice award. The four nominations for the best musical turned out to be the ones including the four short performances. The winner for that category was Oliver, which most of us agreed deserved to win, not saying that the other performances were not good. It is just that Oliver had one spark that won them the award. We left the theatre with smiles on our faces. It was a big day for us, one that we hope to remember for years to come.