Event Calendar for St. Joseph’s BNS

School reopens on Monday 31st August at 8.50am, (0915 for new Junior Infants)
Halloween: Closed Mon. 26th Oct to Fri. 30th incl.
Christmas: Closed Weds. 23rd Dec. to  Tues. January 5th 2021 incl.(reopening Wed. Jan 6th)
Feb.: Closed Thurs. 18th and Fri. 19th Feb. 2021
March: Closed Wed. 17th March
Easter: Closed Mon. 29th March – Fri 9th April incl. (reopens Mon. 12th April)
May: Closed Mon 3rd and  Tues 4th May
June: Closed Mon. 7th & Tues. 8th June
June: School sportsday tbc
Summer Holidays – Closing on Fri. 25th June 12pm &12.30
School reopens on Tuesday 31st August 2021