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Poetry in the Digital Age


On the 19th of May 2015 we went to the Ark with our teacher Mr O’ Flynn and Principal Mrs McCabe. We went to the Ark to collect the prize that our class was awarded for our poetry project. This project consisted of a poem said while images matching each line of the poem. The project was not the only project there. There were many other projects sent in by different schools. Once we set up our project we went down to the greetings.

From there we were sent down to the basement where we were greeted by a rapper from Co. Cork. He gave us a one hour workshop. In this time he showed us how easy it was to create your own rap. We made a rap and recorded it using the rapper’s computer. It was great fun. Then we had a lunch break then some of the awards were handed out.

We didn’t receive ours for we were to be handed it later by the minister of education, Jan O’ Sullivan. Then we went up to our projects and everyone viewed each others. The Minister arrived at around one o’clock. She viewed our project and we explained what we were doing. Then we went down to get our picture taken with the minister and our prize. We had a great day and enjoyed it immensely.

By Tom C. and Enan R.

Creative Learning



Mr O’Flynn’s, 5th class, participated in a Creative Learning Project with other schools. The objective was to encourage pupils to learn in a more creative and exciting way. The boys in 5th class learned chose poems and learned them. They used their ICT skills to locate appropriate images on the internet. They then recorded the poems using the images as a background. They were highly commended for their efforts.

A Day with Tomi Reichental

by Barra, Gavan and Jacob (6th Class)


We met the Holocaust survivor, Tomi Reichental. It was a Monday morning and everyone was excited as none of us had ever met a survivor of one of the most tragic and horrific events of all time and there are not many left to tell the tale. The day before, we had watched Tomi’s movie, “Until the Tenth Generation”, learning about his stolen childhood in Burgen Belsen. He came in and told us his courageous tale. He was born in a small Slovak village. His father was a farmer and his grandfather was a shop-owner. They, like himself, were both Jewish. It was not until he was six years old when he realised he was different from others ……….. Read the full report here



by Sean L (5th Class)

I look for forest and see only a few trees,

I barely see an animal. Oh tell me please!

Where is the beauty, where did it go?

I asked many but no one seems to know !


Yet, I know that we are to blame,

We have brought mankind to terrible shame.

We killed living things for our own gain,

We took away their homes and caused them great pain.


It is time for redemption, to set things right,

Enough for ourselves, for them we must fight.

Protect their kind, they help us to live,

We have taken enough, not it is time to give


Our project with the Italians

skypeItalyThis is an image of the class in Italy taken during the video link.

We did a project in Ms. Bleahene’s class with an Italian school (LASTRA SCUOLA) on the Celts. We told them about the warriors, clothes, houses (crannòg), food, farming, religion and metal work. We talked to them on Skype. We dressed up one of the days for the Skype video call. Some people in our class made a crannòg model. We had two practices with the Italian school. We sent them photos of our crannòg model as we were talking to them. Two boys brought in jewellery to show them. The Italians asked us questions about the Celts. The Skype meeting was recorded in Italy by an Irish company called Agtel.


Report by Abdullah and Leon (Room 12)