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UCC Fossil visit for our 6th classes

Our 6th classes had visits from Jess, Dan and Tiffany from UCC Geology department to speak about fossils and paleontology. They were treated to puppets, experiments, presentations, excavations, art and a spin the wheel of extinction. These activities covered topics from evolution, archaeology, paleontology, dinosaurs, Irish fossils and extinction. They also entered a fossil art competition. We look forward having them again!


Engineering Week part 2 – problem solving at its best!

Science experiments were to be found in every classroom as the boys problem solved and experimented – coming up with some pretty mind blowing conclusions.

Our 4th class boys worked on protecting an egg from a drop. They created a design, did a controlled test and then wrote up about their investigations.

Engineering Week 2022

STEPS Engineers Week 2022 is taking place this week until Friday 11 March. During STEPS Engineers Week-themed lessons were taught in our classrooms to help boys discover the exciting world of engineering in Ireland. We engaged and created many of our own engineering themed activities.

The boys have been learning how engineers design products that are essential to our health, happiness and safety. To meet these needs the boys learned how engineers often look to nature’s examples of efficient design solutions. The natural world provides us with creative solutions and inventions such as cats eyes, flippers, sonar, flight and even velcro!

Our infants in Ms Murtagh’s class below went on a sunny nature walk in Bushy Park and who knows – the inspiration and fun of it all may have been the first step leading to a love and interest in engineering.

Exploring pond life!

Our infants in Ms Harte’s class were very concerned for the health of Rapunzel and spent a few class sessions brainstorming and designing escape routes from the tall tower using very inventive methods and materials such as marshmallows, spaghetti and toothpicks. Engineering at its best!