On a very snowy day in March, Ms. Larmer’s 4th class students came into school wondering if their last minute tour was going to go ahead.

The previous day, the school had been told that there had been a cancellation for Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s presentation in City Hall and then asked if there might be a class interested in going.  The boys in Ms. Larmer’s class jumped at the chance, one student had just finished one of Cottrell-Boyce’s book just that day.  It was meant to be.

However, the following morning, the snow fell heavily casting doubt on their tour.  When everything was taken into account – the very short walk to the bus stop from the school, the short walk from the bus stop to City Hall and the fact that the paths were not iced up underneath the snow – the trip was declared a ‘GO’

Waiting on the bus in the snow turned into an adventure and when they arrived at City Hall, the boys discovered that only themselves and one other class had made it to the presentation (out of 500 people!).  It was a fantastic day.  Frank read to the boys from his new book, ‘The Wonder Brothers’, he answered ALL of their questions and had plenty of time to chat to each of the boys.  Every pupil was given a copy of his latest book and Frank had the time and goodwill to sign his book for every pupil.  What an exceptional day – one that will never be forgotten!