Mr.O’Flynn’s 5th class boys were so inspired by the Japanese supporters’ attitude during the 2022 World Cup, that they wrote letters of praise and thanks to the nation and posted them to the Japanese Embassy here in Ireland.  They also made headbands and wore them around the school for the day, picking up any litter they found during the day.

After Christmas, the boys received a letter from the Japanese Consulate congratulating them for their efforts and requesting a visit.  In March, after having meticulously designed and made Japanese Lanterns, the 5th class boys, Mr. O’Flynn and Mr. Ó Riain (who has taken over the baton from Mr. O’Flynn) welcomed our Japanese visitors to the school.  They were treated to an insight of what life in a Japanese school looks like and got to ask many questions of our guests.  A very enjoyable morning was had by all.