LEGO Robotics

Ms Molloy’s 5th Class School Tour

Our class went to A.W.S. – Lego Mechanics.    A.W.S is Amazon Web Services. We built a smart LEGO robot called MILO,.  He resembled a Mars Rover. He was made of just LEGO and a motor.  After we built him, we controlled him using code on a tablet.

The instructor gave us various challenges to code with our MILO.

The first of which being to get MILO to balance perfectly on the edge of the table. Overall we lost many, many Milos in both groups. Our second challenge involved a very lengthy, tricky string of code, to make the colour of his light change, make him drive forward and backwards and make him play many different sounds.

Sometimes, when people forgot to finish the code, MILO would walk infinitely and even more MILOs were demolished. We then added a sensor to MILO so that he could sense when there was an object in his way. We then added code for MILO to stop on the edge of the table again but this time by him sensing when he was at the edge. Unfortunately if people did not angle their sensor at the table MILO would continue moving, convinced there was only ground ahead of him until he fell off the table. 

 A.W.S was a very fun, educational experience and our whole class really enjoyed it. It was a great school tour for the end of the school year.