Machines and Mechanisms

Report by Nicholas and Oscar (4th Class)

Ms Molloy’s boys went to Ballyroan Library on science week! We went to the library first, then we went to Machines and Mechanisms. We went on a Wednesday 13TH November, 2013, on a public bus. We were going to be building machines.

At first we read lots of books. Then we learned about GEARS!! There were two men there. They were really nice. They asked us some questions about cars, vehicles and machines, then showed us what to do. We had loads of fun. We were split into two groups. One group was A, the other B. When we were all finished we put the machines and the cars on the floor. The machines powered up the cars and the cars raced off. It was over after an hour, and we had to break everything up,  then leave. It was sad leaving. At least we got NO HOMEWORK!!!!!!!!!!  We even got AWESOME FUZZY WUZZIES!!!!!!!!!!