March 2020

On the 12th March we were informed by the DES that all schools were to close from 6pm that evening until March 29th. We made plans with our pupils that day and we all packed up our bags with enough books and resources to keep us learning until we came back to school in 2 weeks’ time. School journals went home full of lesson instructions, daily Maths and English exercises were encouraged, Google classroom came to the fore with our older classes, independent learning became our buzz word, emails were sent to encourage distance learning but all the while, consideration was given to the fact that we were dealing with an unknown – a pandemic that could change our lives and how we live forever. We aimed to keep our pupils calm, happy, and busy and we wanted to stay connected to them. We also understood that everybody’s experience at this time was different and that some would face very challenging times.


Here’s a St Patrick’s day exercise completed at home as Gaeilge, during this time and a recipe for a lovely St Patrick’s Day Milkshake.