Mr Brennan’s Class and their (Virtual) visit to Microsoft Dreamspace

At the start I was excited to go to Microsoft Dreamspace but because of Covid we unfortunately were not able to go. Instead we had to do a zoom. I thought it wasn’t going to be good but it turned out to be really fun. DreamSpace was a really cool coding experience and I learned a lot about coding  and I recommend it to anyone who is into coding. At the beginning of the Zoom they showed us the massive building and the Dreamspace room was based on Minecraft. It was awesome. I would love to work there some day when I get a job. They showed us a really cool digital waterfall with LED lights. It was incredible. There were loads of shops and cafés and the food was super cheap. We got to make our very own video game on their cool website. The people that showed us around, answered all of our questions and were super nice. The video games turned out really well and I made an awesome video game out of code while learning at the same time.


By Charlie & Sam  (Mr Brennan’s 6th class)