St. Josephs BNS Terenure

Our Story

St. Joseph’s is currently home to 413 pupils and 32 members of staff.  There are three buildings hosting 16 classrooms, general purpose rooms and several resource rooms. We have two of each year-group from Junior Infants up to 6th Class.

It was a very different story, however,  when the school was founded in 1866.  Originally called Roundtown Boys’ National School, it had 174 boys with 3 teachers in one large room – 66ft x 22ft.  In 1918 , it acquired the Roman Catholic denominational ethos and became St. Joseph’s BNS, affectionately known as ‘Joeys’.

Our school was completely rebuilt in 1972/73, but the changes didn’t stop there.  Our first extension, which is still known as the ‘New Building’ was completed in 1998.  In 2001, new offices and a staffroom were built.  Our latest addition, called ‘The Annexe’ was completed a decade later.

St. Joseph’s has a long sporting tradition – hurling, Gaelic football, cricket, tag rugby, athletics, soccer and padel tennis to name but a few.  We have earned our Active Flag and continue to strive to incorporate more physical activity into each day.

The Arts is also very well represented here in Joeys.  Over the years, our quiz teams have taken home many trophies.  We have won Fís drama awards, Creative Schools Awards, Discover Maths and Science Awards, and an Entrepreneurial Leadership Award too.  

We are regular participants in the annual Cór Fhéile schools choir festival, where the boys get to showcase their singing and percussion talents.  We are also regular participants in the annual SciFest.  Each year we hold an art exhibition for the whole school to celebrate their talents in this area.  We are a Green Flag School and have a very active Green Team and Student Council.

In an ever-changing school and society, we strive to support and nurture every aspect of our pupils’ development here in Joeys. 

Meet our Team

Secretary: Ms. Nolan

Caretaker: Mr. Hearne

SNA Team: Ms. Barr, Ms. Hand, Ms. Martin & Ms. Hoy

Junior Infants: Ms. Stokes & Ms. Hahesy

Senior Infants: Mr. Ó Riain & Ms. O’Donoghue

1st Class: Mr. Kelly & Ms. Daly

2nd Class: Ms. Durkan & Ms. Gorman

3rd Class: Ms. Murphy & Mr. O’ Mahony

4th Class: Ms. Larmer & Ms. Murtagh

5th Class: Ms. Molloy & Mr. O’Brien

6th Class: Ms. Bleahene & Mr. O’Doherty

SEN Team: Mr. Ring, Ms. O’Riordan, Ms. Rooney, Mr. Reale, Ms. Byrne, Ms. Mulhall & Ms. Waine, & Ms. Sweeney

Acting Principal: Ms. Harte