Just once, in a very blue moon, do we get such gorgeous snow falling, just as they boys are arriving into school.

Instead of rushing indoors, it was a perfect day to stay outside, play in the falling snow and enjoy the atmosphere.

Snowballs were made and thrown, gloves were soaking wet – as were many socks, shoes and feet –  but spirits were high and smiles were wide!

One class was watching the snow very carefully – would this mean that their trip to City Hall to meet author Frank Cottrell-Boyce was going to be cancelled?  Would the teachers decide that walking to and from the buses was too dangerous?  To their delight, they got to go on the snowiest tour ever for Joey’s.  (Check out their photos in another post)

One of the 5th classes even managed to make a moderately-sized snowman – not bad for a morning’s work.

Many pairs of shoes and socks could be seen on radiators – a reminder of the fun, as things got back to normal and the snow slowed down.