In February:

Our 6th class boys put the muscles in cutting back last year’s growth. Fuchsia, dogwood, sage, lavender, fennel, raspberries and thyme are all tamed. 

It is now easier to explore the sights, smells touches and tastes of the sensory garden.

They cleverly saved the beautiful red dogwood sticks to use as plant supports later in the season.


The 1st class boys from room 9 planted salad leaves outdoors  and started sunflowers indoors.  Progress is visible already!

The 1st class boys in room 6 put peas directly in the raised bed, which had been kindly cleared of weeds by our 5th class boys in room 10.  Check out the photos to see that our trellis has been optimistically put up, all ready for them to climb.

The boys in room 10 have also planted spuds in big pots, aided and abetted by their friends from senior infants. Another group planned and sowed a bee-friendly flower bed around the small oak for the summer. 

Seeds are sprouting in pots in the classroom  and strawberry plants are catching the sun on tiered shelving near the bins (using every corner possible to grow!!)

In the 3rd classes, we have more potatoes for planting in the raised beds while tomatoes and courgettes are germinating in windows of room 14 to be transplanted later.

The first of this year’s produce, juicy rhubarb, is already travelling home to be added to yogurt, according to some young enthusiasts.

Watch this space to see how our plants are getting on…